Ready for all-day everyday kindergarten? We are!

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

If you haven’t heard already, through our website, advertisement at North Branch Cinema, or press releases, North Branch Area Public Schools is offering free all-day everyday kindergarten at Sunrise River School starting this fall.

Recently the state legislature put its support behind all-day everyday kindergarten and we are thrilled. If you compare achievement data between half-day and all-day kindergarten, there can be no doubt that offering this program is going to be really good for kids in the long run.

We are proud to once again be in front of educational trends, with the school board voting to support this program well before the legislature puts its official stamp of approval to it.

The advantages to all-day everyday kindergarten are many, and include higher achievement in the long-term, especially for disadvantaged and low income students, higher test scores, more time in individualized instruction, enhanced progress in social skills, greater creativity, and a more relaxed school day with a wider variety of experiences.

Of course, we realize that not all families will benefit from the free all-day program. Some may realize advantages to having their child in a half-day program, especially in a four-day week. For that reason we are offering a half-day program as well next year.

Both will offer the many advantages of kindergarten at NBAPS, including access to technology, art, music, phy-ed, Spanish, and our state-of-the-art facility.

Kindergarten lays the foundation for a career in learning. Why not take advantage of one of most well-rounded kindergarten programs available and get your young student off to the very best start possible?

If you would like to register for one of our wonderful kindergarten programs, please call (651) 674-1100.

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