Stacy City Council briefs

The following actions and discussion points were addressed at the July 9 Stacy City Council meeting:

Stacy not impressed by upgrade to stop signs at busy intersection

Chisago County Commissioner Ben Montzka brought his case for a transportation improvement plan that he is championing to the council. Montzka said Chisago County has a project list of $7 million with only $2 million in the budget. This news didn’t instill optimism in a city council that is looking for assistance in obtaining a traffic light at the intersection of Stacy Trail and Forest Boulevard.

Stacy resident Mel Aslakson took this occasion to speak critically of the flashing lights that have now been installed atop the stop signs at the intersection.

Aslakson stated, “They’re not helping.”

Montzka agreed with Aslakson’s assertion.

“We are not satisfied with the intersection work that was done,” he said.

He felt that if this intersection were somewhere else, the problem, described as significant traffic and more than one fatality in recent years, would have been fixed.  The council was critical of recently placed turn lanes, too, though Montzka thought there has been some improvement in the traffic flow. Councilor Jim Ness said he thought the turning lane is “much worse” and Lucia added trucks in particular are having trouble turning the corner now. Montzka promised he will talk to County Engineer Joe Triplett and request this be evaluated and corrected.


Stacy ready for ball games and beer the first weekend in August

Stacy resident Troy Nelson has been a man on a mission, a successful mission. Nelson complimented city maintenance staff on the condition of the improved Sunrise west side ball fields. The city will be hosting a softball tournament in August that organizers hope will bring both excitement and people to Stacy.

Stacy Lions President Jim Berneche and Lions Lori Angeli and Jerry Schroeder produced a drawing of the “beer garden” where alcohol will be allowed during Stacy Daze. Berneche requested the city provide orange fencing to delineate the area. The mayor agreed.

“We want to make sure that every reasonable effort is made that any alcohol that is sold stays inside that area,” Utecht said.

He repeated a scenario that he wants to avoid: Someone strolling around Lions Park drinking from a pitcher of beer. Berneche and Schroeder told of encountering people handing beer over the fence last year.

The Lions also took responsibility for a $65,000 bond for the purchase of equipment, fencing and construction costs for the Doyle Field Building. City Clerk Sharon Payne collected the quotes while Berneche signed a promissory note on behalf of the Lions Club. Councilor Jim Ness made a motion to accept the entire package of the deal and the motion carried.


In other news

•Dennis Oberloh of Oberloh and Associates presented the city of Stacy with a record of the 2012 audit. The city received a “clean” and relatively spotless report.

•City Maintenance Supervisor Tanner Jones reported he will be applying chloride to the city’s gravel roads next week. City Clerk Sharon Payne said, “Go ahead, we’ll get complaints both ways.” Some residents have requested no chloride and other residents have contacted their council members to ask when this job will be done. Councilor Michael Carlson said residents asking when this will be done had contacted him and he will be happy to update his neighbors.

•The council went into closed session at the end of the regular meeting to cover an update concerning union negotiations that have been ongoing for several months. The proposed collective bargaining agreement would cover employees in the city’s liquor operations.

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