Thankful to Kirsten Hagen-Kennedy

To the editor

I think the Tea Party, the current city council and Bruce Spangler are afraid of Kirsten Hagen Kennedy. She was right-on in her expose of Bob Barrett and Sean Nienow. Bob Barrett championed the cause of taking funds from urban school districts to help underfunded rural school districts; an approach Bob argued reflected the position of the School Board or superintendent. Not true, and further, it had no chance of be enacted. Sean Nienow, like Tim Pawlenty, supported cutting taxes that left the state in one fiscal crisis after another. And when we finally elected a DFL governor, Sean Nienow, was an obstructionist with his phony legislative proposal that shut the government down. With a DFL controlled State House, Senate and Governor we have seen the necessary tax increases enacted to fund state government, “no more kicking the can down the street financing,” they have increased funding for our schools, and because of the strong economy that Democrats help create, they are paying back the loan from the school districts. Just compare the DFL leadership in Minnesota to the failed Republican leadership in Wisconsin; they rank near the bottom in most indicators. Of course, the Republicans would like to compare us to North Dakota that is benefitting from the largest oil resources in the country. On the other hand, the quality of life is quite lacking in North Dakota compared to Minnesota.

We all should be proud of Kirsten Kennedy the way she supported our seniors, our very cost-effective City Police Department, and how she is trying to address the corruption in our City government. I think most of us are aware of the “conflicts of interest” being violated every day by at least one member of city council.

Robert G. Walz

North Branch 

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