Are you commuting to your job?

To the editor

So Senator Sean Nienow reasons his $12,720 lodging expenses for 2012 are worth it to constituents because it allows him more time to do his job. He took the year-round housing despite the fact session lasts about six months. I’m thinking many of his neighbors and constituents work in the Twin Cities and make the commute daily. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

I once served as senator in this district. I worked hard for my constituents and drove home every night…well, actually sometimes the next morning. After one or two interminable Health Conference Committee meetings, I bunked in with St. Paul friends. I never dreamed of sticking taxpayers for a year-long residence.

That said, I managed to get my job done on the Senate floor and in six committees and rarely heard from folks back home that I wasn’t working hard enough. Admittedly I served as vice-chair and not chair of any committee. Wait a minute; Sen. Nienow isn’t a committee chair either.

I’m not inferring that the senator isn’t working hard on the issues as he sees them. I’m just wondering if he has to live in the metro neighborhood to do it.

Twyla Ring

North Branch

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