How much thought has the Mills family put into this race?

To the editor

I see that Stewart Mills The Third, of Mills Fleet Farm, is going to run against Congressman Rick Nolan in the 8th Congressional District next year.

I wonder how much thought the Mills family has to put into this race?

Stewart Mills The Third makes statements like “the hurdles, the barriers and the handicaps that are placed on us in job creation through government” and predicts that the health care situation would be “even a bigger train wreck” in the future because of Obamacare.

With these statements he’s putting the family business right in the mix. How can he talk about hurdles when Mills Fleet Farm has gotten millions of dollars in government handouts in the form of TIF districts for construction of new stores and tax exempt industrial revenue bonds for new stores? The question then becomes: Why would Obamacare affect Mills Fleet Farm? If they provide health insurance for their over 6,000 employees, there should not be any changes; if they don’t provide insurance for their employees, why would they not? These are all legitimate questions for a company now in the spotlight under a microscope. I imagine their wages, benefits and health insurance will all be open for questions, especially when Stewart is in charge of them. It is really too bad; I used to like Mills Fleet Farm.

Michael Madden

Chisago Lakes Township

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