It’s the same old thing

To the editor

I see Bob Walz repeated his usual bashing of Senator Nienow and Representative Barrett. It’s the same old thing month after month. However, his thanking Kirsten Kennedy for her letter seems more like damage control for a wannabe politician who is clearly planning to have her name on a ballot real soon. If people remember anything from Kirsten Kennedy’s letter it should be her mean spirited attacks on two honorable public servants. She doesn’t argue the facts, she didn’t even bother to get the facts. Instead she nearly accuses our good legislators of hating kids rather than calling them to ask why they voted the way they did and then respectfully sharing why she disagrees using facts and telling the truth about her DFL affiliations.

Everyone who knows Bob Barrett knows of his dedication to youth leadership. Walk a parade with him and you hear numerous times cheers from the kids and adults who know the real Bob Barrett who refereed their basketball and football games or umpired their baseball games. Talk to the teens Bob has mentored and you’ll hear about a guy Bob Walz and Kirsten Kennedy should be ashamed of themselves for maligning the good character of simply because they don’t agree with a vote.

A better way might be for these people to ask for an explanation, give an accurate accounting of that explanation and then explain why they disagree.

James Lentz 


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