Two issues regarding Nienow need more clarification

To the editor

As citizens of Minnesota and the United States, we sometimes take our rights and privileges for granted.  One of the rights granted to citizens in the First Amendment to the US Constitution is freedom of speech. The Post Review provides an opportunity for citizens to express ourselves in the Letters to The Editor Section and we can thereby use our freedom of speech.

I wish to expand upon some questions for senator Nienow which were raised in prior letters to the editor published within the last few weeks.  The two issues which I feel need more clarification are the senator’s position and votes on the pre-K through 12 Omnibus Education Bill and Tax Bill,  and the leasing by the senator of a rental in the St. Paul area for a full year when the Senate does not meet year round.

I would like the senator to explain his votes on the education bill. Did he vote for the final bill and also on the tax bill to pay for the education bill? The issue has become confusing for the public and now that the legislation is in place it would be good to once again clarify what happened in the session.

The other issue is the need for a lease on a rental for twelve months by senator Nienow in St. Paul when the session does not meet for 12 months.  It would be good to get clarification on this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to express myself through freedom of speech.  I remain a citizen of the Senate District Number 32.

James Redfield

Rush City 


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