Ortlepp admits to probation violation

Ryan K. Ortlepp
Ryan K. Ortlepp

Ryan Ortlepp, 21, of North Branch — the man who entered an Alford plea in relation to the November 2012 North Branch Veterinary Clinic arson fire — admitted to violating his probation, Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter said. 

In February 2013, Ortlepp entered the plea, which means he admitted the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him, but he wasn’t admitting guilt.

Subsequently, he received an 18-month stayed prison sentence.

On July 25, North Branch Police came in contact with Ortlepp and reportedly found him in violation of several areas of his probation: He failed to abstain from alcohol, he approached the North Branch Veterinary Clinic, and he was in possession of a folding knife.

On Aug. 8, District Court Judge Todd Schoffelman found Ortlepp to be in violation of his probation, revoked the stayed sentence and executed the prison sentence.

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