Think before you act

To the editor

I write this letter with concerns over Brian Johnson’s recent mailing. He sent out a letter asking for money from people all across the district. I ask that before anyone sends Brian any money they ask what he did to earn your money.

He’s already introduced himself as an observer and someone just taking in information, and when asked what he was willing to do to fix the school funding in our districts he had a blank look and no response (North Branch Education Townhall). And when the vote happened on the House floor he voted against the education bill. Of course he voted no on the tax bill that pays for these new school monies, too. That same bill will bring North Branch and Cambridge school districts over $500 more per student. Probably the best increase in school funding we’ll ever see! Is this the person you want representing you?

I would rather send my support to Paul Gammel, our Democratic candidate for representative, who has children in the school system. I think he would fight for schools and make sure they get adequate funding instead of just accepting the status quo. My $50 for PCR is going to Paul Gammel because I believe that he will stand up for our schools.

Barb Kruschel

retired state worker



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