Wyoming woman advances in Kemps contest

Mollie Laro
Mollie Laro

Mollie Laro’s creation is one of three finalists for the Kemps Family Traditions ice cream contest.

Her flavor, now called Pistachio Fruit Party, will be available for sampling at the Minnesota State Fair starting Aug. 22.

Ice cream lovers can go to the Kemps booth between 1 and 2 p.m. each day to sample the three flavors and vote for their top choice.

On-line voting also continues through noon on Aug. 28. Supporters can vote once a day at www.kempsnextflavor.com using a Facebook account.

The winner will be announced Aug. 28. The person who submitted the winning recipe will earn $2,500 and ice cream for a year.

“I was able to try my flavor a week ago at Kemps headquarters and I loved it,” Lara said. “They separated the flavors, so there is a green pistachio flavored layer, a whipped cream flavored layer and a pink layer with pieces of fruit and mini marshmallows.”

Laro said she tried all three and honestly liked her flavor the best.

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