Math scores at NBAHS jump 20 points

The Minnesota Department of Education has released 2012-13 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment results and there is much to be proud of at North Branch Area Public Schools.

Grade 11 MCA-II math scores at North Branch Area High School rose 20 points, with 63 percent of students showing passing scores. Last year, 43 percent of students showed passing scores, and not only are this year’s scores a drastic improvement, the high school now exceeds the state average of 52.4 percent by over ten points.

The results are especially significant due to steps the school district took to address math scores after last year’s test results were released. “The school board was very supportive of our efforts to improve math test performance, and the math teachers across the district worked hard to embrace the initiative,” Superintendent Deb Henton said. “We are very proud of the job they have done and the way students have responded.”

As did students all across the state, North Branch area students took the new MCA-III reading test. Grade 10 results were 70.4 percent, exceeding the state average of 62.3 percent.

MCA-III reading scores at North Branch Area Middle School also exceeded the state average by roughly six points, at 63.9 percent. Math scores at the middle school dipped slightly, from 58.8 percent in 2012 to 56.7 percent this year, and remain behind the state average of 62.6 percent, which also dropped three points this year.

At the Sunrise River School (elementary), math scores for students grades 3-4 reached 80 percent, well above the state average of 62.6 percent, and reading scores (new MCA-III) were roughly six points higher than the state average, at 63.7 percent.

On the GRAD test, math scores reflect a 77.9 percent passing rate (66.4 percent state average), and writing scores a 87.6 percent passing rate (87.8 percent state average).

“The scores show that, by and large, North Branch Area Public Schools continues to improve in areas of need, and excel in areas it has traditionally. Of course, last year’s results will serve primarily as goal-setting for this year in hopes we can continue to improve in all areas,” Henton said.

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