NB school board approves levy authority

At the Aug. 8 North Branch Area Public Schools School Board meeting, the School Board approved a resolution authorizing a new board-approved levy authority.

The board voted 3-2 with School Board Member Linda Heidelberger absent.

The vote was needed to inform the Minnesota Department of Education that the board intends to collect an extra $300 per pupil unit in property taxes next year.

The final vote on the matter will be made at an upcoming board meeting in December.

Superintendent Deb Henton said at the board’s July 11 meeting that the move to accept the $300 per pupil unit and possibly another $212 per pupil unit in what is called a “location equity index” could allow the district to move back to the five-day week the following school year.

At the July meeting, NBAPS Finance Director Randi Johnson explained what the tax impact could be if the board chooses to approve the maximum of $512 — the total of the location equity index and the $300 per pupil levy. She noted someone who owns a house valued at approximately $166,000 would see about a $111 increase in the school district portion of his or her property taxes if the school board chose to levy the maximum.

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