Stacy Council holds special meeting to address ordinance revisions

Noise from Royal Concrete Pipe on the docket

The Stacy City Council held a special meeting Aug. 27 to address unfinished business from the Aug. 13 regular meeting. On the table were revisions to ordinances that the council has struggled with over the past few months.

The easiest of the three to deal with was resolution 2013-8-2, approving the Chisago Lakes Joint Sewage Treatment Commission proposal to issue and sell general obligation utility revenue bonds in the amount of $816,000.

Next, the council addressed noise complaints from Royal Concrete Pipe.

In response to a number of complaints from city residents and a response from Royal Concrete Pipe officials, the council moved to amend the city’s nuisance ordinance adopting resolution 2013-8-3, incorporating language directly from state statute and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rule 7030 that names “obnoxious noise” as a specific nuisance problem.

Mayor Mark Utecht stated the city has consulted with a sound engineer who turned out to be a former MPCA employee who had authored rule 7030.

“What this does is formally adopt MPCA rule 7030,” he said. “It makes enforcement a little cleaner.”

Councilor Charles Lucia asked if the city would be holding additional meetings with Royal Concrete officials. Utecht, to the dismay of a few residents who attended the meeting, responded he has been unable to assemble a meeting with all of the necessary parties, but noted he is continuing to follow up.

Some discussion followed on whether passage would effectively be prohibitive of wind generators. Councilor Jim Ness asserted that the council should not send this back to the city’s Planning Commission because that body lacked the expertise to make decisions regarding this matter.

The issue will come back to the council at the Sept. 10 meeting.


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