NB council sets 2014 preliminary property tax levy

Taxpayers in North Branch likely won’t notice much of a change in the city portion of their property tax statements next year.

By a 4-0 vote — Mayor Ron Lindquist was absent for the meeting — the council on Monday approved the preliminary budget and property tax levy for 2014.

The total levy is $3,879,860, which is a 0.15 percent decrease from last year’s levy, City Administrator Bridgitte Konrad told the council.

But she also noted the city Economic Development Authority/Housing Redevelopment Authority levy also has an impact.

“The EDA set their HRA/EDA levy at their last meeting,” she said. “When you add that levy in, you’re 0.15 percent over what we were last year.”

Councilmember Trent Jensen asked Konrad about further reducing the levy before it has to be certified by the state in December. Konrad told Jensen the council has the ability to make more reductions to the levy, but under state law cannot increase the levy once the preliminary amount is set.

She noted the council will revisit the levy in October to see if more reductions could be made.

The council also set its truth in taxation hearing for 7 p.m. Dec. 2.

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