Hey, look at this cute cat

Derrick Knutson
Derrick Knutson

We all know at least one of them — those people who post cat photos all over their Facebook accounts and any other social media sites they frequent. They’d probably even put photos of their cats in newspapers, if they could.

I swore I’d never be that type of person, but alas, here is a photo of a cat. Isn’t he just so precious?

All right, now that is out of the way, so I can get focused on the rest of the story.

This cat is lucky it wasn’t hit by a car, eaten by a large dog or baked to death by the scorching sun a few weeks ago.

My wife and I were out for a walk on a balmy Wednesday evening, and this energetic little bugger darted out from behind wherever he was hiding and followed us down the street.

He didn’t have a collar, and looked to be about four months old. He also seemed to be dehydrated, as he was running with a sidelong gait and panting.

I picked him up and brought him up to the house where I thought he ran out from behind, but nobody was home.

My wife, Jill, is highly allergic to cats, but she didn’t want to leave this little guy out in the 95-degree heat, so we brought him back to our place. We gave him some water and picked up cat food from my parents’ house about 15 miles away.

I named this cat Cookies 'N Cream — probably not its real name — but I think it's an apt moniker.  Photo by Derrick Knutson.
I named this cat Cookies ‘N Cream — probably not its real name — but I think it’s an apt moniker.
Photo by Derrick Knutson.

After he drank the water and ate the cat food, he seemed to be functioning as a kitten should – attacking our toes, jumping on us and climbing anything that looked climbable.

We kept him for a night, but with my wife’s allergies, I knew we’d have to find different living arrangements for the kitten.

Thankfully, Jon, my coworker, said his parents might be willing to house the cat for a while, so that’s where the kitten went. He stayed with them until Friday of that week and might have become a full-time pet if the kitten’s original owners hadn’t posted a “lost black and white kitten” sign on their mailbox that Jill and I saw when we went for another evening walk.

The owners weren’t around that day, so we gave him back Saturday, and the woman who owned him said she was very appreciative.

I thought the story would end there, but either this is the sneakiest cat imaginable or its owners aren’t real adept at keeping an eye on it. My guess is the latter.

The following week, my wife found a sign posted in our neighborhood that read, “Found, black and white kitten. Very friendly.” The sign also included a number to call.

I was contemplating whether or not to call the number — two escapes in less than 10 days didn’t bode well for this kitten’s survival odds — but I called and left a voice mail with the owners’ phone number.

I haven’t heard back from the people who found the cat, so I’m assuming they returned it, just as we had.

I hope the owners now pay a little more attention to the whereabouts of their pet. But if he escapes again and wanders back to our neighborhood, I hope we’ll find him again so I can take a lot more photos of him to post online and in this newspaper.

Maybe I’ll call the newspaper section “Cat Corner.” It should be über popular with the people who post more photos online of their cats than of their own children.

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