Barrett is closing the gate after the cows are out

To the editor

I’m writing today because Rep. Bob Barrett has been in the media lately with his Vikings Stadium proposal. Isn’t that kind of like closing the gate after the cows are out? He’s been in the Legislature three years and still doesn’t understand the process. He complained about the deal before, yet when they were in session, couldn’t he articulate his points well enough to get any support? Clearly 201 legislators and the governor knew the e-gambling wasn’t going to raise anywhere near the revenue needed to fund the state’s portion of the stadium, and changes were made to meet the state’s portion. The question is why couldn’t Rep. Barrett convince other legislators to adopt his plan if it was so good?

It’s much like how he voted yes to the education bill and puts out a column on how supportive he is of our schools. Then he voted no on the tax bill, which funds the schools! It looks like he will say or do anything to get in the media spotlight. We need a representative who will really work to improve our schools and not play politics with them.

Rick Wells


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