Barrett defending taxpayers until the cows come home

To the editor

With criticisms of “not understanding the process”, it’s obvious last week’s letter (“Barrett is closing the gate…”) was written from suggestions within the St. Paul liberal political playbook.

The “process” over the last year, with one-party control of government, has resulted in tax increases on everyone in Minnesota. Remember when these same politicians were screaming that the rich aren’t paying their fair share? What happened?

New cigarette taxes hit the poor hard. The family car tax hits everyone. New taxes on DirecTV and Internet purchases mean money taken from your family. Farmers have new taxes too!

Taxes were increased $345 million just to pay for a stadium so Zygi Wilf, who’s wealth puts him in the “top 1 percent of the top percent,”  can make money on stadium construction. What an insult to everyone. I’ll fight it until the cows come home!

With an expanding economy already providing billions more in state tax revenues to support education, tax and fee increases approaching $3 billion dollars irresponsibly hurts Minnesota families.

The letter writer believes 201 legislators knew e-pull tabs wouldn’t work. Apparently ignoring these doubts, 67 percent of Democrats played follow the leader and voted for the flawed plan anyway because governor Dayton wanted it desperately. With his own words the writer answered his question about why common sense and logic couldn’t convince a majority of them to vote no when a majority of Republicans voted no.

This past week gave us a glimmer of hope, however. Just hours after I publicly called on him to stop subsidizing a New Jersey billionaire with your tax dollars, Dayton said this:

“I strongly encourage you (stadium authority) to negotiate a final … agreement which requires the Vikings owners to contribute a significant share … from their own resources.”

The final stadium agreement has not yet been signed. Now that I’ve rounded up those cows; it’s time for Dayton to steer them home and save taxpayers.

Rep. Bob Barrett


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