Same old DFL party line

To the editor

The writer’s criticisms last week of Representative Bob Barrett’s continuing opposition to the  stadium and Mr. Barrett’s no votes on both the stadium bill and the tax bill was nothing more than the same old, tired, familiar DFL party line.

Forty of 60 DFLers voted to make the New Jersey billionaire much richer — now that is true DFL redistribution. True, 33 GOPers voted yes (shame on them), but it took the DFL majority to make it happen.  The DFL is now without question the clear leader when it comes to crony capitalism. Will the billionaire be contributing to the DFL coffers in the coming years; fun to watch.

Billions in new taxes spread across the entire state to fund billions in new spending is a bad tax bill; a good tax bill would have been billions in reductions spread across the entire state to reflect billions in reduced spending.  Unfortunately for us the billions in new spending was apparently deemed necessary to further enable the DFL’s ongoing voter enhancement program.

Representative Barrett is to be commended for voting NO on both.

David Hardin


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