Barrett continues to avoid the question

To the editor

Last week Rep. Barrett and another writer responded to a previous letter, which addressed how he voted for the education bill but not the tax bill that funded it.

Neither response actually responded to the fact that Rep. Barrett voted to increase education funding but not pay for it.  School funding is such a critical issue in our area, but Rep. Barrett continues to avoid the question.

After three years in office we know what he would say … Minneapolis schools get too much money. That’s not an answer. Barrett’s the one who voted for millions of additional dollars for schools and told citizens that he was a champion for education, yet attacks the tax increases used to pay for the desperately needed school funding increases.

This is politics at its worst because he claims to support schools, then claims he voted against tax increases, but never addresses the fact that these two are interconnected. It’s classic double talk and it is wrong.

Please, Rep. Barrett, just be honest with us on where you stand. And please, let the stadium go … it’s over!  What we need is you fighting for our children, our seniors and our citizens, not playing the blame game so you can run from your voting record.

Kirsten Kennedy

North Branch

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