Writer has no solutions, just mean-spirited attacks

To the editor

I am infuriated that the liberal Democrat’s local hack was at it again with the same old uninformed criticism of Rep. Bob Barrett. My anger made me call Rep. Barrett to see if she has ever contacted him prior to her uninformed public rants. She never has. Rather than running to the newspaper prattling on month after month with shallow slams, why can’t Kirsten Kennedy just take the time to meet Rep. Barrett and work out her issues? She might learn something about the logic of compassionate fiscal responsibility.

Numerous times Rep. Barrett has responded to her letters in this paper with straightforward, common-sense and respectful explanations of the many factors that legislators, tasked with being prudent stewards of your hard-earned tax dollars, must consider regarding government’s budget.

Maybe Kennedy could go to any of the multiple games Rep. Barrett referees weekly to see his dedication to students. Maybe she could ask the hundreds of students, graduates and parents who cheer him on at parades or are friends with him at church if he cares about them. Everyone knows Rep Barrett is a caring, smart and conscientious person both in and out of politics. Bob takes seriously his responsibility to represent us. He’s a man for all people as evidenced by the fact that Republicans and Democrats have supported his proposals.  Ms. Kennedy, deep down, probably means well but her narrow-mindedness is mean-spirited and tiresome to read.  She just doesn’t seem to have any solutions or care about finding them.

Elise Hiljus


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