Children’s Water Festival: What a great milestone

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Friday, Sept. 27, marked the 11th Chisago County Children’s Water Festival – what a great milestone.  Once again this year, 720 fifth grade students from across Chisago County converged on Ojiketa Regional Park in Chisago City for this daylong, hands-on, learning opportunity.  Students from the North Branch Middle School, Wyoming Elementary, Taylors Falls Elementary, Rush City Elementary, Forest Lake North Lakes Academy and Chisago Lakes Lakeside School all took part in this event.

Along with their teachers and parent chaperones, the students learned a great deal about how important the current and future quality of water is and what they can do to protect it.   There were live fish, frogs, salamanders, boat safety and plenty of other activities to keep everyone moving throughout the day.   Students learned how a septic system works, experimented with water runoff, water saturation into our ground, learned about mammals that rely on good water quality and became a water drop traveling through its life cycle.  This year also featured the In the CLIMB (Creative Learning Ideas for Mind and Body) Theatre, and Pete Boulay from the State Climatology Office.

Many thanks to the over 100 volunteers and presenters from various agencies (including many University of River Falls college students); without them this event wouldn’t run as smoothly as it did.   Also, thanks to the many organizations and companies that provided funds and/or goods to make the 2013 water festival another great one.

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