Multi-millionaire seeks to represent business interests in the 8th CD

To the editor

There are 535 senators and representatives in congress, but recently
we saw less than 10 percent of them almost throw our country over the cliff!
They orchestrated shutting down our federal government for over two
weeks for no apparent reason that bears scrutiny!

This is the same mentality of 8th District CD Republican candidate
Stewart Mills, III. He will be an interesting candidate because of
his family business, Mills Fleet Farm. His personal assets listed in
the federal campaign filing are between $ 41 million and $15 million. His salary at Fleet Farm was almost $570,000 last
year — that is just under $11,000 a week!

Clearly this is a man born with a silver spoon who doesn’t
understand the 99 percent of people; he’s not even in the 1 percent  — he’s in the
.10 percent. Now, is his trajectory to represent the majority or further
narrow business interests, which nearly took us over the cliff? His
record is that of working to keep the wealthy richer, while keeping
the middle class down, similar to Fleet Farm employees.

Contrast that with Congressman Nolan who grew up in Brainerd and
actually delivered newspapers to Stewart Mills Ill’s grandfather. He worked his way through college at UPS and was a proud union
member of the Teamsters. He served in the Minnesota House for two terms starting in 1974, then three terms in the U.S. House before
going into private business. His return to Congress 32 years later
has given him a lifetime of experience to help govern our nation.
Congressman Nolan is working for us in the 8th District and using all
his experience to get things done even when there’s national
gridlock. Given that multimillionaire Mills record precedes him, it is
not hard to figure out whose interests he represents.

Michael Madden

Chisago Lakes Township

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