This old house moved down the road

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Photo supplied

On Oct. 29, drivers motoring through Almelund might have seen something traveling down Highway 95 that took up a bit more than a standard lane on the thoroughfare: a house.

The Immanuel Lutheran Church parsonage, first procured by the church in 1918, was no longer needed by the church as a home for clergy, so the church put it to good use by donating it to a family 4 miles to the east of Almelund.

The parsonage lumbered along the road at 5 mph with the aid of a large truck, and it took about 35 minutes to get the home to its new location.

Facts about the church, courtesy of Steve Salblom:

•June 28, 1918 – The congregation voted to purchase A.B. Flink’s house for the amount of $4,000, which was the parsonage. Andrew Flink was the church organist for nine years and had just retired from that position in 1917. The change to the new parsonage allowed the pastors to now live next to the church. The previous parsonage location was a couple of blocks to the east of the church. The first minister who occupied the parsonage was the Rev. Martin L. Larson, who came to Almelund in 1918 and stayed until 1930. Seven more pastors followed him: the Rev. Martin Melford, 1931-1936; the Rev. Myrvin Holmberg, 1936-1944; the Rev. Emil Bergren, 1945-1950; the Rev. Erickson, 1951-1957; the Rev. Chindvall, 1958-1967; the Rev. Clarence Schaffner, 1968-1985; and the last pastor to occupy the parsonage, the Rev. Brian Bergin, 1986-2012.

The use of the parsonage was considered part of the salary for these pastors and their families.

•1948 – A new driveway was made to the parsonage garage; this is the same year Highway 95 moved from the road next to the church south to its present location.

•1950 – Six special meetings of the congregation were held this year to take care of improvements in the parsonage. There was also discussion about building a new parsonage, but the present parsonage was fixed up, the kitchen remodeled and work done at a cost of $3,108.18.

Fall 1988 – A new garage was constructed at the parsonage.

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