Election Update: RC School Board welcomes 3 new members

The Rush City School Board will welcome three new members following yesterday’s election.

Matt Perreault was the top voter getter with 95 votes, while Teri Umbreit and Scott C. Anderson received 85 votes apiece. The seats involve terms of four years each.

And contrary to the initial report on this website, incumbent Brian Anderson will not retain his seat on the board as a result of his fourth place finish with 62 votes or 18.51 percent of the vote.

Also capturing votes, with eight, was current board member Justin Wood who recently announced his withdrawal from the election. Voters saw his name on the ballot due to the timing of his announcement and election-related deadlines. He will fulfill the remaining time on his current seat ending Dec. 31, 2013.

The three winners will start their new terms in January 2014.

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