Our students tell the story

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

This week is American Education Week, with each day of the week dedicated to specific groups involved in the education of a child, including parents (Nov. 19), education support professionals (Nov. 20), educators (Nov. 21), and substitute educators (Nov. 22).

The best part of American Education Week is it recognizes that many people play a role in as child’s education. First and foremost are parents and guardians, whose participation in the educational process can be the difference for many students. The messages kids receive here about the importance of education are only as meaningful as those they receive at home. When parents are enthusiastic about learning, so too are kids.

As for our employees – support staff, teachers, and substitutes – its hard to know where to begin. Their dedication to educating our community’s children begins before the sun comes up and is evident everywhere you look, every day. At every level of our school district there are people willing to take the extra time to make sure that each student is realizing his or her full potential.

Over the last seven years, we have accomplished great things together. We have seen achievement rise, and watched impressionable elementary students become young men and women this community can be proud of.

Patron Tour attendees have the opportunity to speak to juniors and seniors about their experiences at North Branch Area Public Schools. I am always so impressed with how respectful and positive they are. They have pride in themselves, pride in their schools, and pride in their community. I feel like our next generation of leaders is well prepared and enthusiastic about the challenges. They are our legacy and speak volumes about the quality of all those involved in their education.

We will be thanking our employees this week by serving root beer floats, a tiny token of appreciation. I hope you also have the opportunity to tell a staff member or parent “thank you” this very important week.

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