(Slideshow) RCHS presents ‘Anchors Aweigh’

Kayty Guy, left, performing with Cassie Kauffman. Photos by Jon Tatting Katie Groh reacts to Ashley Masters in this scene. From left: Brianna Rider, Shantell Selix and Mary Lee acting out a fun scene together at dress rehearsal. Madelynn Hilton, left, and Jillian Cicero providing some comedy relief. From left: Carlie Mell, Maggie Biermaier and Chelsea Hauner portraying their characters at Thurday’s dress rehearsal before students and staff. Caitlin Westman, left, on stage with Mekala Gnau. From left: Sarah Gamache, Mekala Gnau, Nicolas Kost (as Captain Creeg) and Leah Eastwood acting out a scene in “Anchors Aweigh” at Rush City High School. Nicolas Kost in a scene with Leah Eastwood. Allissa Thayer, left, and Justine Hanson playing it cool. Brystin LaMont acts like she’s about to be sick alongside characters played by Jillian Cicero and Madelynn Hilton. Collin Yaritz plays Prince Alexander de Goo in the performance. Brittney Mollberg, left, and Samantha Herberg, as Ester and Hester, kept the audience laughing at Thursday’s dress rehearsal. Shantell Selix, Brianna Rider and Mary Lee perform a cheer in Tiger attire during the dress rehearsal performance Thursday morning.
From left: Sarah Gamache, Mekala Gnau, Nicolas Kost (as Captain Creeg) and Leah Eastwood acting out a scene in “Anchors Aweigh” at Rush City High School.

Audiences in the mood for a few laughs and rich, zany characters are invited to check out Rush City High School’s production of “Anchors Aweigh” this weekend.

In North Branch, the fall performance is “Honk,” set to commence at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a 2 p.m. matinee Sunday at North Branch Area High School.

Rush City’s “Anchors Aweigh” is directed by high school English teacher Angie Mazzuca and choir instructor Jaime Holmstrom. The performance is brought to life by a group of Rush City students who act aboard a 1950s-era cruise ship on stage in the high school auditorium. A dress rehearsal for students and staff was held Thursday morning in preparation for two 7 p.m. performances Friday and Saturday, Nov. 22-23.

“It has been my privilege to work with this incredibly talented group of students for the past three months,” Mazzuca said. “As a new member to Rush City High School and the community of Rush City, I have to thank all of these students for welcoming me in and accepting all my quirkiness.”

The cast of “Anchors Aweigh”: (students are listed by grade in school and the characters they are portraying):

Nicolas Kost, senior, Captain Creeg

Brystin LaMont, seventh grade, Chris

Mekala Gnau, senior, Naomi and Simon

Sarah Gamache, senior, Nicole

Leah Eastwood, senior, Ishmael

Maggie Biermaier, seventh grade, Darcy

Carlie Mell, freshman, Sam

Collin Yaritz, junior, Prince Alexander de Goo

Whitney Bengston, seventh grade, Jarvis

Justine Hanson, senior, Max

Allissa Thayer, freshman, Bubba

Cassie Kauffman, junior, Prudence de Milo

Kayty Guy, junior, Violet

Ashley Masters, senior, Hyacinth Divine

Katie Groh, seventh grade, Ms. Pitts

Brianna Rider, junior, Nora

Shantell Selix, eighth grade, Dora

Mary Lee, senior, Flora

Chelsea Hauner, senior, Madeline Marks

Jillian Cicero, seventh grade, Marty

Madelynn Hilton, seventh grade, Murray

Samantha Herberg, sophomore, Hester

Brittney Mollberg, sophomore, Ester

Caitlin Westman, senior, Jackie

Laura Meissner, seventh grade, Tuna

The crew of “Anchors Aweigh”:

Shelby Cummings, sophomore, hair and makeup

Hannah Pavek, junior, publicity manager

Stacy Johnson, junior, hair and makeup

Garrett Larson, senior, spotlights

Emily Anderson, junior, lights manager

Joe Laursen, senior, sound manager

Emily Haug, senior, spotlights

Halie Smith, senior, sound

Justin Lane, junior, sound

Miranda Anderson, sophomore, spotlights

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