Illegal parking is a problem

Recently, we received a phone call from a parent concerned about the disregard people have for parking regulations at our sites. This individual noted that people are parking in handicapped parking spaces, leaving cars in no parking zones, and committing other parking violations as well.

This is a problem and we share this individual’s frustration. We do understand that parking lots can be difficult to navigate at certain times during the day, most notably at drop-off and pick-up times. In fact, we will be looking at how we might improve the flow of traffic at our sites as part of our ongoing facilities study.

In the meantime though, I must insist that parents/guardians that pick up or drop off students at any of our sites obey posted parking signs.

Each site will be making an effort to spread that word to families in coming days, and we are also considering speaking with the North Branch Police Department about options for enforcement.

If that seems extreme, it cannot be helped. As I said at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon last Tuesday, we will make no apologies when it comes to student safety.

Parking rules exist for a reason, and when they are not followed the safety of students, staff, and parents is jeopardized. Site lines are compromised, spaces needed in case of emergency are filled, and fire lanes are blocked.

Illegal parking leads to back ups and more traffic problems for the school as a whole, which becomes a headache for everyone.

I strongly urge all those with occasion to be at our sites, especially during those busy times, to follow the parking rules even if it means personal inconvenience. I thank you in advance for your effort to keep our schools as safe and accessible as possible.

In return, the school district will take a close look at how traffic flow may be improved for all as it plans for the future.

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