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Public Health Commission
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The Chisago County Board of Commissioners seeks five (5) applicants for the appointment to vacancies on the Chisago County Public Health Commission. The five positions are at large appointments. The applicant must have a strong interest in the health of the residents of Chisago County and a commitment to improving the health of the community as a whole. The Public Health Commission is responsible for the development and maintenance of an integrated system of community health services for Chisago County. Board members are appointed for a three year term and are required to attend quarterly meetings. The meetings are held at the Chisago County Health & Human Services Building; which is located at 6133 402nd Street in North Branch.
Interested citizens must submit an Application for Appointment Form to the Chisago County Clerk of Board, 313 North Main Street, Room 175, Center City, MN 55012. The form is available by contacting County Administration at 651/213-8830 or by using the link provided below.
Information about the position is available from the Public Health Office at 651/213-5200 and on our website. The Board requests that Applications for Appointment be received by December 19, 2013. However, the Board reserves the right to extend the application deadline. Applications for Appointment may also be faxed to 651/213-8876.
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December 4, 2013

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