RC/NB schools initiate modified lockdown

Rush City and North Branch schools initiated a “modified lockdown” Monday as a precautionary response to an individual of concern who may have been in the Rush City area.

Neither the school districts nor authorities are releasing any specifics at this time about the individual at issue, other than “it was a person who was not supposed to be on school district property,” Chisago County Chief Deputy Sheriff Chad Worden noted in a phone interview.

The lockdown began shortly after 8:30 a.m. and was lifted around 1:30 p.m. Under a modified lockdown, entrances are locked and students are not allowed outside, though classes resume as normal, Rush City High School principal Brent Stavig said in an email.

North Branch is on a four-day school week and most of its students do not attend class on Mondays. Some school staff are on the premises on Mondays, however, along with School Age Care students and those receiving Targeted Services.

Nobody was in danger, no threats were made and there were no crimes committed in Chisago County in connection with the situation in Rush City, Worden noted.

“There are no specific threats to our students or schools,” Stavig added. “We are taking these steps to be proactive. Safety is our top priority.”

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