December 19

December 19, 2013
The Regular School Board Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Folkema at 7:02 p.m. in Room 201 at the Rush City High School.
Roll Call
Board Members present: Scott Tryon. Carol Cook, Brian Anderson, Stefanie Folkema, Brenda Nessel, and Justin Wood. Board Members absent: None. Others in attendance: Vern Koepp, Superintendent: Brent Stavig, High School Principal: Melody Tenhoff, Elementary Principal; Scott Anderson: Teri Umbreit; Paula Bengtson; and Stefanie Lofgren.
Approval of Regular School Board Meeting Agenda
Motion #14413 by Nessel seconded by Anderson approving the Regular School Board Meeting agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Approval of Consent Agenda Items
Board member Folkema requested that the Superintendent Contract be removed from the Consent Agenda.
Whereupon Motion #14513 by Cook seconded by Nessel approving the following Consent Agenda items:
Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of November 21,2013.
Bills, obligations, and invoices totaling S636.117.64 for Rush City, and S421,717.15 for SCRED Rush City ISD #139 Personnel Linda Swanson-Clerical-Add 74 hours for Targeted Services and Summer School duties Corinne McKenzie-ECFE Instructor-Add 11 hours for 2013-14 for additional Toddler class SCRED Personnel
Authorize additional Social Worker position (North Branch)
Employ Anne Meyer-Social Worker beginning 12-17-13
Susan Witthuhn-Physical Therapist-Decrease days from 202 to 190 for 2013-14
Transportation Contract – Talberg. Motion carried unanimously.
Consideration of Item(s) Removed From Consent Agenda
Motion #14613 by Cook seconded by Anderson to approve a contract with Superintendent Vern Koepp for 2014. Voting for: Nessel, Wood, Anderson, Cook. Tryon. Voting against: Folkema. Motion carried.
Recognition/Policy Review
Board Chair Folkema presented Board Members Cook and Anderson with plaques, thanking Cook for 8 years of service to Rush City Schools and thanking Anderson for 6 years of service to Rush City Schools. Board member Tryon also thanked them for their contributions.
In a first reading the Board discussed the following policies: Policy #414-Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse; Policy 0418-Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School; Policy 04 19-Tobacco-Free Environment; and Policy #422-Policies Incorporated by Reference.
After a second reading and final Board review of proposed changes. Motion #14713 by Cook seconded by Tryon approving the following policies: Position summary for Finance Manager and Policy #601-School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals. Motion carried unanimously.
Financial Information
Investments: Superintendent Koepp reported that the district has $2,481.306 invested as of November 30,2013.
Revenue/Expenditure Update: Koepp reviewed the 2013-14 revenue and expenditure report, noting that revenues are running approximately $500,000 behind expenditures to date, but that fund balances are sufficient to maintain good cash flow.
Board members noted the receipt of ballots from Resource Training and Solutions to elect a member to the Resource Training and Solutions Board of Directors.
Positive Points
High School Principal Stavig shared the following positive points:
Student Council collected over one ton of food for the food drive. Now they are collecting hats, mittens, and scarves for the elementary school.
Jr. High Math League still competitive: 8th grade won in December.
Holiday concert made front page of the Post Review. Eleven band and four choir students made all conference honor band Emily Haug has been accepted to the U of M Honor Band.
Continuous Improvement of academic achievement efforts continues. PLCs are meeting twice a week and it is going well.
We have begun sending out academic alerts to inform parents when their child is failing one or more classes.
The FOR club discussed kindness with the student body and gave each student a candy cane with a message about kindness.
Elementary Principal Tenhoff shared the following positive points:
Earlier this month, the 5th graders entertained us with a wonderful play under the direction of Ms. Lori Nelson. They performed The Merchants of Venice and Fairy Tale News. Its always fun to watch the budding drama stars!
Our Student Council did a great job this year with their collection for our local Food Shelf. We had a classroom competition this year and I believe that might have inspired some extra interest!
Every year TIES, our data support provider, has a conference and during the conference they recognize technology leaders from the schools that they serve. I am proud to announce that Mr. James Hatz received this years District Technology Leader Award from Rush City. We all appreciate his daily help!
Our second graders put on a darling music program under the direction of Mrs. Jaime Holmstrom. They always do such a great job and Mrs. Holmstrom always points out that she truly appreciates all of the support and help from the grade level team!
Superintendent Koepp thanked students and staff in both buildings for their cooperation and extra efforts to adjust routines and maintain a good learning environment during the modified lockdown on December 16th.
Meeting Attended
Board member Cook reported on a recent Board Advisory Meeting during which the District Mission Statement and Goals were discussed. Members listed strength areas of the district and areas to improve. There was also a review of reading and math data.
Board member Cook reported on a recent Infinity Governing Board Meeting, noting that the Infinity Online Organization has stable enrollment, stable finances, and continues to provide good options for students.
Old Business
New Business
Truth in Taxation/Levy Adoption
Superintendent Koepp provided information regarding the property tax levy process, the districts current budget, background information on school district property taxes, and information regarding the proposed tax levy for 2014. Koepp noted that about 86% of the general fund revenue comes from state aid, about 6% comes from local property taxes, and about 2% comes from federal sources.
Public comment: No district residents were present to comment on the proposed tax levy. Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion #14813 by Tryon seconded by Wood certifying the levy payable for 2014 for property taxes at $1,830,999.08. Motion carried unanimously. Note: This is a increase of $56,353 or 3.18%, following a decrease of 5% in 2013 and decrease of 8% in 2012.
Capital Expenditure – Five-Year Plan
Board members reviewed an updated Capital Expenditure Plan and Superintendent Koepp identified the significant changes to the plan. Whereupon Motion #14913 by Anderson seconded by Nessel approving the Capital Expenditure Plan as presented. Motion carried unanimously. Note: This plan is a working document.
Seniority Lists Action
Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and following proper posting and review of seniority lists Motion #15013 by Cook seconded by Wood approving the following seniority lists for the 2013-14 school year: Rush City teachers, St. Croix River Education District teachers, paraprofessionals, food service workers, custodians, and bus drivers. Motion carried unanimously.
Common-Core ELA Standards Postponed until the January board meeting.
Fundraiser Request-Junior
Board members reviewed a request by the Junior Class to take orders and make pizzas for the Super Bowl Sunday weekend.
Whereupon Motion # 15113 by Tryon seconded by Nessel approving the fundraiser as requested. Motion carried unanimously.
Teacher Retirement Incentive
Board members discussed weather or not to offer a retirement incentive this school year. It was a consensus among the Board to not offer this incentive this year.
Van Purchase
Board members reviewed quotes from for a Chevrolet express passenger van, rear wheel drive, 3500, equipped with a Ricon commercial grade lift. Whereupon Motion #15213 by Nessel seconded by Anderson to accept the low quote of $30,936 (plus tax, title, and license) from North Branch Chevrolet. Motion carried unanimously. Note: The quote from Cambridge Motors was $32,026 (plus tax, title and license).
Board members discussed adding heated side mirrors and rear defrost to the van Whereupon Motion #15313 by Anderson seconded by Wood to add the heated side mirrors and rear defrost for a total of $228.75. Motion carried unanimously.
St, Croix River Education District None
Regular Board Meeting
High School Room 201
1/16/14 7:00 p.m.
Motion #15413 by Nessel seconded by Anderson adjourning the Regular School Board meeting at 8:18 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Brian Anderson Clerk
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ECM Post Review
January 8, 2014

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