Film with local ties to show at NB theater

‘The Current,’ ii Films’ new Christian family film featuring Fish Lake Lutheran Church, will run in a special screening at GTI’s North Branch Theatre—

For one show only, local residents have a chance to view a new movie about a struggling teenage boy, featuring scenes at Fish Lake Lutheran Church, of Stark, and a woman from Lindstrom with a lead role.

“The Current” is a new Christian-based family feature film from area resident Scott A. Peterson and his independent production company, ii Films. A special screening is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, at GTI North Branch Theatre.

Scott and Diane Peterson. Photo by Jon Tatting
Scott and Diane Peterson. Photo by Jon Tatting

“The Current” is the story of 13-year-old Jake Larson, who lives in Chicago and loves everything about his life there, when his parents decide that city violence is hitting too close to home. Wanting to raise their children in a better environment, Jake’s parents make the life-changing decision to move the family from Chicago to a campground in rural Minnesota. At the campground, a rebellious young Jake meets Peter — the boy from the farm across the river. The two form a fast friendship that God uses to transform Jake’s life in ways that Jake never could have imagined.

Click here to see a trailer of Peterson’s feature film, “The Current.”

Making the film was definitely an experience for Peterson, who lives with his wife, Diane, in Oak Grove, Minn. He wrote the screenplay years ago and put in the time to research and learn how to make and release his first feature film. He produced the movie, as well, and found the director (Nikita Zubarev), director of photography (Ben Enke), editor and of course the cast, who came from all over the country.

One of the lead actresses, Jana Lensing, who plays Jake’s mom, “Holly” in the movie, is from Lindstrom. She has a long history of stage acting, and this is her first film.

“She did an outstanding job as a loving mom of a teenager going through some difficult life experiences,” Diane Peterson said.

In addition, several scenes in the movie feature Fish Lake Lutheran Church in Stark.

“The church was instrumental in getting the movie shown in North Branch,” Scott Peterson noted.

As for choosing the local place of worship, he explained: “We were looking for a church building with particular features. A friend who knew of Fish Lake Lutheran suggested that we check it out, and the church enthusiastically supported the project. Not only did they let us film on site, but several people from the church — especially kids from the youth group — came out as ‘extras’ for our church scenes. We couldn’t have done this without that kind of great support.”

The film also received support from local Grandstrand Funeral Home, who loaned funeral decorations to be used in one of the scenes and went out of its way to help.

“One of the best and most memorable parts of this experience,” Peterson noted, “is all of the wonderful people we have met along the way and seeing the way that they have stepped up to help.”

Peterson’s script for “The Current” was a finalist for the Kairos Prize competition for spiritually uplifting screenplays in 2011. The movie is part of a growing movement by Christian filmmakers to create family-friendly, faith-based entertainment as a means of impacting American culture.

“The movie is largely a response to the script’s recognition in the competition combined with a challenge from my pastor to a group of church members from Northgate church in Ramsey, Minn., to do ‘something impossible’ for God,” Peterson said.

Peterson and an all-volunteer cast and crew filmed “The Current” during the summer of 2012 in various locations around the north and northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, as well as Shakopee and Chicago. More than 300 people were involved in the project, including five bands whose music is a part of the film.

Peterson’s independent production company, ii Films, is partnering with individuals, churches and other groups to host one-night showings in theaters around the country. For tickets, more information, to see the movie trailer and to read a review from The Dove Foundation, go to

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