‘It’s clear Westby is no longer nonpartisan’

To the editor

I recently saw a political TV ad with North Branch School Board Member Randy Westby talking against the Affordable Care Act known as “Obama Care.” Wow! It’s clear to me that as a school board member Westby is no longer nonpartisan. Obviously his political leanings are with the “tea party/Republican” alliance. The TV spot, after all, was paid for by the Republican Koch brothers’ organization, Americans for Prosperity. Apparently “prosperity” doesn’t include better health care for American citizens.

In this very sneaky ad Westby explains that his insurance was dropped because of the Affordable Care Act. He also says that he has had three heart attacks. However, he doesn’t explain that he and all Minnesotans can get coverage that is even better insurance because of Obama Care/ACA. He doesn’t say that in the past an insurance company could limit the amount of money spent for an individual’s health care, but now, because of Obama Care, insurance companies can’t get away with that. Now an insurance company can no longer turn him down for health coverage because of any pre-existing conditions such as his heart condition.

The ad omits many of the real facts about Mr. Westby’s situation, and apparently he isn’t taking any interviews. So we won’t know what really is happening, but I’m guessing he now has good health care coverage as a result of the laws that Obama Care has established to protect him. And to think that he’s mad at Representative Rick Nolan for voting against the Republicans’ efforts to totally repeal Obama Care. Thank you Representative Nolan for helping millions of us “not so rich” people (unlike the Koch brothers) have better health care insurance. 

Tessa Hill

North Branch


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