‘There was zero empathy for Wesby’s medical condition’

To the editor

I write to respond to last week’s letter trashing Randy Westby for going public with his Obamacare encounter. There was zero empathy for Mr. Westby’s medical condition and Mr. Westby’s therefore above average need for insurance, insurance that he lost thanks to Obamacare.

The letter reeks with the shrill scream of fear, fear of the public being informed as to the misfortunes of others thanks to Obamacare; fear of the tea party state of mind and what that portends for the future; fear of the notion that school boards should never have the power to tax without a successful referendum; fear that “nonpartisan” is being exposed for the fraud that it is.

Yes, thank you Representative Nolan, thank you for voting to continue the biggest disaster the American medical system has ever been subjected to, a disaster made possible by the near total public ignorance of the power and benefits of free markets. Another tribute to our great public school system.

And thank you Mr. Westby for being a voice on the school board, a voice that supports those who pay the freight, the taxpayers. I hope you stand for reelection.

David Hardin



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