Call for ‘massage’ ends in crime at North Branch home

Two women and a man from the Twin Cities metro area have been charged with felony level burglary, robbery and theft crimes stemming from an incident Sunday morning at a North Branch residence.

Charged by criminal complaints in Chisago County District Court were Breanna Marie Taylor, 24, of Bloomington; Kirkeisha Shanell Washington, 25, of Robbinsdale; and Jamal Ajaun Clay-Smith, 23, of Richfield, according to Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter.

According to the complaints:

A North Branch Police officer was advised of a robbery in the 7000 block of Wellington Circle. Dispatch said the suspects left the residence in a black sport utility vehicle.

Positioning her vehicle at the only exits of the development, the officer waited and after a few minutes made contact with the suspect vehicle. The officer learned there may have been a firearm involved in the incident, so she drew her weapon and instructed the driver, who was Taylor, and other passengers to put their hands outside of the vehicle and in sight.

The suspects were then placed in patrol cars on scene without incident.

The officer then went to the home of the victim who said he had contacted the women earlier to come over and give him a massage for a bulging disc. It was found the victim had contacted the women through craigslist and later spoke to one of them about “payment for their services” over the telephone.

After the three arrived, the victim said he began noticing strange behavior and some of his belongings were being moved or taken. By the time the trio was set to leave, the victim, who made an earlier effort to hide some of his things, found that he was missing a cell phone, a large amount of cash and other items.

When he confronted the women, they denied taking anything. He then tried to call 911 and have them wait for law enforcement, but the women knocked him down and began kicking him and punching him in the chest.

While the victim attempted to keep the women from leaving the residence, Clay-Smith kicked in the front door, injuring the victim’s foot, and entered the residence. Meanwhile, the victim’s elderly mother awoke due to the disturbance.

While in the home, the victim said Clay-Smith threatened to shoot him before he and the two women left the house in the black SUV. Later, the officer followed the route the suspect vehicle had taken and located a purse that belonged to the victim’s mother lying in a snow bank.

In addition, two large wads of cash were found on Clay-Smith at the time he was brought to the county jail. In another search, a bag containing tablets, identified as a controlled substance, was located around one of his feet.

The women, Taylor and Washington, each were charged with burglary in the first degree for assault of a person in a building and simple robbery, both felonies, along with a misdemeanor assault charge.

Clay-Smith was charged with aiding and abetting burglary in the first degree, aiding and abetting simple robbery, terroristic threats and fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. All are felonies except for a fifth charge, assault in the fifth degree, which is a misdemeanor.

The three were scheduled to make their first court appearance Tuesday, Feb. 11, before Judge Suzanne Bollman, Reiter said.

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