It’s almost time for another food shopping spree

Peoples National Bank is once again offering a challenge to North Branch businesses to help fill the needs at the local food shelf.  March is food shelf month and Peoples is looking for businesses to join them that month in a food shopping spree.

Previous year’s events have brought out the best in participants resulting in overwhelming generosity from community minded companies.

In order to obtain grocery items that are needed by the local food shelf and at the same time keep the amount funded by participating teams at a modest level, there are some basic rules:

• Teams will consist of two members whereby one team member must have their hands on the grocery cart at all times while the other team member grabs the goods and puts them in the cart.

• There will be “off limit” items and even isles so as to concentrate on what the Food Shelf really needs.

• The number of specific items will be limited to eight to keep quantities reasonable.

• Each team will be allowed 1 1/2 minutes to run this race.

• The team with the highest dollar amount in their carts will have those groceries paid for by Peoples National Bank.

• The teams that don’t score the highest will pay for their own cartloads and all the groceries will go to the local food shelf that evening.

This race will be held at County Market in North Branch March 10 at 8 p.m. with a 7 p.m. complimentary pre-race team meal once again hosted by County Market at their deli food court. For more information, call 651.674.8000.

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