No school makeup days to be used yet for Rush City

The Rush City School Board has agreed, at this point, to not make up any of the missed school days caused by severe winter weather.

Rather, teachers are expected to map courses using the Eclipse Curriculum Mapping System and document related work with a plan approved by the principal. And if any more instructional days are missed, April 21 will be the first instructional day added and June 5 will be the second instructional day.

Board members unanimously approved these plans during a special School Board meeting Tuesday night, Feb. 11. Before the decision, they reviewed state requirements for instructional days and hours and the number of days missed this school year to date.

After the meeting, Superintendent Vern Koepp noted students have missed a total of four days, along with a late start, so far. However, it only amounts to three days missed, since teachers were asked to work on one of the missed days, he explained.

In the only other action of the evening, the board accepted the resignation of Rush City High School teacher John Schmidt.


The Eclipse system

Superintendent Vern Koepp explained the Eclipse Curriculum Mapping System following last week’s board meeting.

The Eclipse system is a tool that allows teachers to map curriculum electronically to keep it aligned with the state standards. Teachers can analyze data more efficiently and can create course outlines through information entered in the curriculum mapping system, he explained.

In other words, teachers can organize and manage all of their course offerings — while targeting student achievement goals — with the system. They can align lesson plans, access state standards and identify any gaps or overlaps in their teaching along the way.

While there is nothing new about curriculum writing for educators, and the district has been entering data in Eclipse for a few years now, the time has come for every teacher to dig in and get more familiar with it, Koepp said.

In the future, parents also may have access to certain areas of Eclipse through the SchoolView feature on the district’s website. Parents will be able to view course outlines and keep more informed on the subjects their children are studying.

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