February 20

February 20, 2014
The Regular School Board Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Folkema at 7:00 p.m. in Room 201 at the Rush City High School.
Roll Call
Board Members present: Scott Tryon, Stefanie Folkema, Brenda Nessel. Scott Anderson, Matt Perreault, and Teri Umbreit. Board Members absent: None. Others in attendance: Vern Koepp, Superintendent; Laureen Frost, Business Manager; Brent Stavig, High School Principal; Melody Tenhoff, Elementary Principal.
Approval of Regular School Board Meeting Agenda
Motion #01314 by Tryon seconded by Anderson approving the Regular Board Meeting Agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Approval of Consent Agenda Items
Board member Nessel requested that the Principals contract be removed from the Consent Agenda. Whereupon
Motion #01414 by Tryon seconded by Perreault approving the following Consent Agenda items:
Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 16, 2014.
Bills, obligations, and invoices totaling $1,814,480.46 for Rush City, and $445,961.18 for SCRED
Rush City ISD #139 Personnel
Lee Ann Anderson-Teacher, FMLA leave request, 6 weeks beginning 3/17/14.
Kristine Peterson-Teacher, FMLA leave request, 5/22/14 through 6/5/14
Employ Angela Mazzuca-Jr High Speech assistant, 2014 only
Employ Robin Schellbach-Jr High Gymnastics, Part-time 2014 only
Joyce Johnson-Accounting Technician, retiring effective 3/31/14
Includes PERA Phased Retirement Agreement, 4/1/14 through 3/31/15
Wendy Pickar-Physical Therapist, resignation effective 6/30/14
Christine Matthews-Social Behavior Collaborative Planner, resignation effective 6/16/14
Employ Suzanne Hischer-Finance Manager, beginning 2/18/14
Discontinue School Counselor Position in Chisago Lakes
Melanie Hankins-School Counselor, Termination/nonrenewal at end of 2013-14 school year
Motion carried unanimously.
Consideration of Item(s) Removed From Consent Agenda
Ratify Principal Master Agreement for 2013-15
Motion #01514 by Perreault seconded by Tryon to approve the Principal Master Agreement for 2013-15
Voting for: Perreault, Umbreit, Tryon. Voting against: Nessel, Folkema, Anderson.
Motion failed for lack a majority.
Motion #01614 by Tryon seconded by Umbreit to close the meeting to discuss a personnel issue.
Motion carried unanimously.
Motion #01714 by Anderson seconded by Perreault to close the closed meeting and open the public meeting.
Motion #01814 by Perreault seconded by Umbreit to approve the Principal Master Agreement for 2013-15.
Voting for: Perreault, Umbreit, Anderson, Tryon. Voting Against: Folkema, Nessel. Motion carried.
Recognition/Policy Review
Superintendent Koepp informed Board Members that February 17th through 21 was School Board Recognition Week. He thanked Board Members for their willingness to serve the Rush City Community and for their efforts to develop and maintain an excellent school system in Rush City.
In a first reading the Board discussed the following policies: Policy #524-Internet Acceptable Use And Safety Policy, Policy #604-Instructional Curriculum, and Policy #610-Field Trips.
After a second reading and final Board review of proposed changes, Motion #01914 by Tryon seconded by Nessel approving the following policies: Policy #425-Staff Development; and Policy #509-Enrollment of Nonresident Students. Motion carried unanimously.
Financial Information
Investments: Business Manager Frost reported the district has $1,800,405 invested as of January 31, 2014.
Quarterly Investment Report: Frost reviewed liquid asset quarterly investment report showing that the District had $992,000 invested as of December 31, 2013. The average rate of the fixed investments was .61%. Frost reviewed the quarterly report for the Swimming Pool Trust Fund for the quarter ending December 31, 2013. This report shows an account balance of $511,695 and interest earnings of $3,712 for the 2013 aquatic center season compared to interest earnings of $3,554 for the 2012 season.
Revenue/Expenditure Update: Business Manager Frost reviewed the current 2013-14 revenue and expenditure budget noting that General Fund revenues were running approximately $240,000 behind expenditures to date, but the fund balances allow for good cash flow.
There were no items for consideration.
Reports–Positive Points
Elementary Principal Tenhoff shared the following positive points:
We are striving for Olympic reading achievement this month with our I Love to Read month efforts. Our goal is 127,000 minutes and we look forward to celebrating this achievement!
We would like to congratulate eighth grader Covin Bell on winning the Regional Spelling Bee competition at St. Cloud. Mrs. Williams, fifth grade teacher, is the coordinator of the program and she is very proud with our first ever Regional Champion.
The students who sold the most for our fundraiser in the fall were invited on a limo trip late last month. What fun they had touring the town in a Hummer Limo!
Nine sixth-grade students went to Resource Training and Solutions in St. Cloud to attend the annual Science Rocks program. The students who scored the highest in their Science MCA tests were chosen. What a great experience for these budding scientists!
Our MCA math practice tests are done and we will start on the reading samplers next week. Both these experiences will help the students prepare for the real tests that will start in April.
Next time youre in the building, come check out the Kids with Character wall! It is getting full of stories of students who have done great things with character this year.
The AmeriCorps awards have been announced. We look forward to having 2 Reading Members for grades K-3 and 1 Math Member for grades 4-6. The Early Childhood Program also received their award and they will be having 1 full-time Community Core Member and 1 part-time Education Core position.
High School Principal Stavig shared the following positive points:
1. Advanced Biology dissected squid
2. Jr. High Speech took second place at the Two Rivers meet. RCHS students took three first places, one second, two thirds, and a fourth place finish at the conference meet.
3. Senior High Speech is also doing well. They took first in small teams in Ogilvie and third in large teams.
4. The class of 1967 donated money in memory of John OBrien for the purchaser of books for the media center.
5. Covin Bell won the regional spelling bee in St. Cloud, the first in Rush City history to win the regional bee.
6. Physics students have learned and demonstrated how to measure the latent heat of water with a high degree of accuracy.
Special Ed Child Count
Board members reviewed SCRED aggregated special education child count information. Superintendent Koepp pointed out that the number of special education students served is trending up for SCRED and for Rush City. Additional Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals have been hired to meet this need in recent years.
Meetings Attended
Board member Folkema reported on a recent Board Advisory Meeting. Teachers from the Business and Ag/Industrial Technology departments discussed the broad goals for these departments and instructional strategies. The committee began a visioning activity trying to describe key elements of our society twenty years from now.
Old Business
Head Lice Procedures
Board members reviewed a revised draft of Head Lice Policy for handbooks, Whereupon Motion #02014 by Nessel seconded by Umbreit to approve the Head Lice Policy for handbooks as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business
School Calendar 2014-15
After a brief review of the proposed calendar and noting that the district Staff Development Committee has reviewed the calendar, Motion #02114 by Anderson seconded by Nessel approving the calendar as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Note: the 2014-15 School Calendar is available in the District Office and on the District Website.
Preschool Tuitions for 2014-15
Board members reviewed information provided by Julie Thom noting that North Branch charges $135 per month for sections meeting three days per week while Rush City charges $90 per month for sections meeting three days per week. After discussing area preschool fees, noting the preschool has been running a deficit, and that scholarship funds are available for families in need, Whereupon Motion #02214 by Tryon seconded by Nessel setting preschool tuition at $100 per month for sections meeting three days per week, and $75 per month for sections meeting two days per week. Motion carried unanimously.
Reduction Resolution
Superintendent Koepp recommended that the School Board direct the administration to evaluate programs and positions in the district for the 2014-15 school year. Whereupon Motion #02314 by Nessel seconded by Umbreit directing administration to evaluate programs and positions and make recommendations to the school board regarding any reductions to programs or positions. Motion carried unanimously.
Note: There are no reductions to staff or programs anticipated at this time.
Note: A complete copy of the resolution is available on the District Website and in the District Office.
St. Croix River Education District Issues
Teamster Negotiations
High School Conference Rm.
3/24/14 , 6:00 p.m
Regular Board Mtg.
Room 201, High School
3/20/14, 7:00 p.m.
Motion #02414 by Perreault seconded by Tryon adjourning the Regular Board meeting at 8:54 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Nessel, Clerk
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March 5, 2014

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