‘Nienow’s actions are 180 degrees from his rhetoric’

To the editor

I was surprised as anyone else about Senator Nienow owing us taxpayers $750,000.00. I’m also curious to know how the Small Business Administration backed a loan for $631,000.00 with a $120,000.00 house for collateral … friends in high places? If you or I tried to do that, the SBA would have laughed us out of the office. Especially for a business that lines campers up with camps — he could have built that database in two weeks at home.

Yet the more I think about it, this is a pattern of one of the most conservative senators in Minnesota. When he went into the Senate first in 2003 his per-diem was $66 per day, now it’s $86 — that’s a over a 30 percent pay increase in these tough years.

Of course Senator Nienow stands up and rails that government should be run more like a business or a family … I don’t think he’s a very good example of that! He’s one of the top spenders on his communications reimbursement and the real kicker is we are paying over $12,000 a year for him to have a year round apartment in the cities when most of his constituents drive back and forth to the cities each day (and the legislature is only in session 5 months or less).

Don’t look for him to do the right thing and resign since his actions are 180 degrees from his rhetoric. Hope he has a good lawyer friend.

Greg Combs

North Branch

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