Hee-haw hoops on display at NBAHS

Robyn Nelson Tony Aho Avery Kraemer Cameron Hufford Paul Pignato Paula Marozas Avery Kraemer Sierra Atkins, Abby Tema Newell Fisk Glen Stevens, Ryan Minke Brett Carlson Coleman McDonough Dillon Harms Dakota Wolkerstorfer Andy Spofford Boy Scout
Sierra Atkins, Abby Tema

There were hoots, hollers and a few hee-haws at the North Branch Area High School gymnasium Feb. 25 as school staff and students partook in donkey basketball.

The event, a fundraiser for the North Branch Area Education Foundation, was well attended.

Around 800 people bought tickets to see school staff take on juniors and seniors in the comical game.

Becky Leuer, the district’s energy efficiency coordinator, said the last time the high school hosted a donkey basketball game was probably in the 1980s.

Some donkeys cooperated — sort of — others wouldn’t move unless their riders pulled them into position, and one donkey would try to buck off anyone who attempted to sit on its back.

Despite those challenges, some baskets were made, even a few from distance. Participants weren’t required to dribble the ball; getting the donkeys close enough to the hoops to make baskets was challenging enough without adding in ball handling.

Photos by Derrick Knutson


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