A promise kept

To the editor

Last Thursday, the NBAPS school board voted to approve the 2014-15 budget, which included a recommendation for a return to a five-day week. Many have asked why not stay with a four-day week since it is working so well and saved money.

Four years ago, when the school district moved to a four-day week, there was much concern about the permanency of the schedule expressed by stakeholders. At that time, we made a promise to the community. If we could all work together to make a four-day week work, the school district would make a return to five days a priority when funding allowed.

Thanks to the legislature and our school board, we now have those funds. Despite many contacts from people expressing an interest in staying with a four-day week, I felt that to not recommend a return to a five-day week would have broken a sacred trust between the school district and the community.

It was our honor to keep that promise to you.

I would also like to thank our families, and all of our communities for your unbelievable support of the four-day week. The success we enjoyed with the schedule is largely due to your flexibility and teamwork with the school district and staff.

Next fall we will return to a traditional five-day schedule. We do so with great pride though, knowing that thanks to the efforts of staff, students, and families, we didn’t just survive a four-day week, we thrived.

Deb Henton

NBAPS superintendent

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