Celebrating reading

North Branch Area Public Schools has been hosting reading events over the last couple of weeks. Our older students read to elementary students as part of “I Love to Read” and Education Minnesota President Denise Specht read to Sunrise students last Monday as part of “Read Across America.”

We live in an era of great attention paid to math and the sciences, and this is for obvious reasons. However, the path to enlightenment in math and science is reading. In fact, no other school subject has the capacity to create life-long self-learning as does reading.

Everyone is passionate about something, and there is a book or genre of books for every interest. One of the best reasons to read is that you are often times learning without even knowing it.

Whether you enjoy American or world history, arts and crafts, sports, true crime, do-it-yourself projects, or fiction, there are books out there you would enjoy.

One of  the more thrilling aspects of the age of technology is the resurgence of the written word. Of course, you can watch videos until cows come home, but I see more and more students, and adults, accessing the power of the written word to learn.

Thanks to technology we have access to news articles, features, and special interests at a level never experienced by mankind previous to now. If you are a news hound you can literally build your own newspaper daily using the most well-respected and read publications not just in the nation, but in the world.

All of this adds up to the idea that we have all of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, and most of it is typed!

Reading has always been important, but the ability to read, discern information, and research has never been more critical than the present time. It is the gateway to the globe, and beyond.

So pick up a book! Any book will do. Pay attention and make a note how many times you learn something new. Knowledge is power, and the entire wealth of knowledge is written down and at your disposal.

Here’s something to get you started: A self-taught person is called an “autodact.”


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