In support of having a commuter train

To the editor

In response to Mr. Kampa’s letter. I admit, I like the idea of having a commuter train that could bring people from North Branch, Cambridge and Isanti to the cities or Duluth.

Imagine going to a concert, sporting event or even shopping and then not having to worry about the traffic getting home, and if you go for a night out on the town avoiding a costly DUI or high priced cab fair. With gas prices as high as they are this could really help people struggling in the area. It would be safer and relieve congestion too.

To answer your question about the Democrats in the area and campaign finance. Just to be clear, none of our local offices at the state level are held currently by democrats, however republican Representative Brian L. Johnson accepted money from the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux just three to four months ago. So if you want to see pockets that are lined with casino money in this area, look no farther than Republican Brian Johnson. Campaign finance tells you who supports him and who he is going to support.

Rachel Parlin

North Branch

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