Nienow’s loan a ‘cloudy mess’

To the editor

Sen. Sean Nienow’s biography found on his Senate website identifies him as fiscally responsible with a high priority for common sense money management.   It is further reported he is committed to being “thoughtful, prudent and disciplined with our tax dollars.” This description can be put into serious question as he is being sued for default on a Federal Government Small Business Administration loan. The government is suing Sen. Nienow for $748,000 in a law suit to recoup its loses.

I think these are reasonable questions. 1) Where did the money go? 2) Was any of the money used to finance his last campaign? 3) What collateral was put forward to justify such a hefty loan? 4) Was influence involved in the procurement of the loan? 5) What is the timeline for resolution of this legal problem? 6) Given this cloudy mess would we constituents be better served if he resigned?

Further, two years ago Sen. Nienow, who receives $31,140 dollars a year salary as senator, also made claim to per diem payment of a sum of $28,000, which almost equaled his salary. Last year he claimed $19,300, which though less than the year before, was nearly three times the amount claimed by Rep. Barrett. Per diem claims are legitimate payment for out-of-pocket expenses, yet the sums claimed by Sen. Nienow are excessive, hardly thoughtful, prudent and disciplined with our tax dollars.

Pete Boelter

North Branch                                                       

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