March 13 Proposed Budget

MARCH 13, 2014 Public Meeting on the Proposed 2014-2015 Budget
The School Board of Independent School District 138 held a public meeting on the proposed 2014-2015 budget recommendation on Thursday, March 13, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. in the North Branch Area Education Center Board Room.
Pat Tepoorten welcomed the community members and gave the order of the meeting.
Board Members Present: Kirby Ekstrom, Randy Westby, Linda Heidelberger, Tim MacMillan, Aaron Gibbons, Jay Falk (arrived at 6:15 pm) and Superintendent Henton
Others in Attendance:
Derrick Knutson, Denise Martin, Angela Tveit, Kristy Elkerton, Peter Bloomdahl, Jenel Korkowski, Becky Leuer, Glen Stevens, Coleman McDonough, Kelly Detzler, Todd Tetzlaff, Kirstin Perales, Brett Carlson, Kitty OConnor Eicholtz, Rosey Klopp, Charley Klopp, Melody Pust, Lori Zimmerman, Randi Johnson, Pat Tepoorten, and Arle Chambers
Superintendent Henton and Director of Finance and Human Resources Randi Johnson presented the 2014-2015 Budget Recommendation. The recommendation includes returning to a five-day school week, class size improvement, reinstatement of some previous reductions, program expansion, support for instruction, and other miscellaneous recommendations.
After the presentation, the public was invited to ask questions and comments on the budget recommendation. Chair Ekstrom gave his closing comments, thanked the public for attending and adjourned the meeting at 6:29 p.m.
Jay Falk, Clerk
Published in the
ECM Post Review
April 16, 2014

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