Fagerness named Teacher of the Year

At Detention Debut May 3, Marilyn Fagerness, from North Branch Area High School, was officially named Teacher of the Year 2014 by the North Branch Education Association.

Marilyn Fagerness
Marilyn Fagerness

Fagerness is an active supporter of students and staff. She has been teaching at the high school full-time for 24 years. Fagerness has developed curriculum and taught classes in all five areas of the Family and Consumer Science Department and has developed and taught the Occupational Relations Program as the service occupations coordinator.

She has been an active member of the Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Science Professionals and the American Association of Career and Technical Educators in her career.

Fagerness is an educational leader at NBAPS, serving as the high school site adviser for QComp, is a former Professional Learning Community leader and Viking Leadership Committee leader. She is an advocate for teachers’ rights and is active in the NBEA through her participation in the Detention Debut and as a past Executive Board member.

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