‘Shocked about Superior Silica Sands’

To the editor

I am shocked to find out only now, by watching KARE 11 News and FOX 9 News about the Superior Silica Sands hauling and dumping sand through our town. I was unaware of the full impact it would have on people’s lives here in North Branch. I have some concerns which are:

1.  Excessive truck traffic (200-250-plus semis/day!) spewing toxic diesel fumes into our air.

2.  Home values will drop-up to 30 percent!

3.  Silica dust, which is invisible, will be transported by the semis and will be floating in the air. It is a known carcinogen which causes silicosis, a fatal, incurable lung cancer.

I heard there will be a viewing of a documentary concerning these issues coming to North Branch in the near future. Watch your local paper for details and updates.

Joanne Pick

North Branch

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