Election filings

District 1 County Commissioner

Jill M. Behnke

Lora Walker

District 4 County Commissioner

Ben Montzka

County Auditor

Dennis J. Freed

County Treasurer

Lee Olson

County Sheriff

Rick Duncan

Mark Osland

Ron Rollins

County Attorney

Jesse A Johnson

Janet Reiter

District 1 Soil and Water Supervisor

Craig Mold

District 3 Soil and Water Supervisor

David W Tollberg

North Branch Mayor

Theresa Furman

Kirsten Hagen Kennedy

North Branch City Council (elect 2) 

Kathy Blomquist

Robert Canada

Cindy Erickson

Kelly T Neider

Mark Shepherd

District 32A State Representative

Brian Johnson

Paul Gammel

District 32B State Representative

Bob Barrett

Laurie J. Warner


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