A deluge washed our yard away

Derrick Knutson
Derrick Knutson

A few weeks ago we had our backyard seeded; some landscaping guys came in, spread the seed and drug the area with a grader pulled behind a four-wheeler.

Some might think it boring to watch grass grow, but I was actually quite excited for the prospect of watching new sprouts of grass propagate the lawn and form into a nice, lush bed of grass.

But Mother Nature had other plans.

For grass to grow, ideally, it should be kept moist for a couple of weeks.

The weather recently has gone beyond slightly wet. We’ve had several torrential downpours, which washed much of that newly planted seed to the back of our yard because our lot happens to be slightly sloped.

Frustrated, I bought a new bag of seed, spread it out over the washed-out area and raked it in.

I stood for a while admiring my work, thinking, “That should surely do the trick.”

Just as new, peach-fuzz-like blades of grass started to pop up, another heavy rain storm hit and washed much of the seed to the back of the yard again.

I was planning to rake it back in, but I saw in the forecast several more days of potentially heavy rain.

I’ll probably reseed in the fall, but if the grass doesn’t come in to my liking, I’ve come up with several other options to cover the dirt in the backyard:

No. 1: Dig a fishing hole and stock it with an assortment of bass, bluegill, crappie and northern pike. Being in that close of a proximity to the other fish, the northern might just eat all of them, become super aggressive and try to bite me anytime I get near the water, but that’s a risk I’d have to take to go with this option.

No. 2: Lay down some Astroturf and make the backyard into a pint-sized football field. I could work on my spiral out there, but the size constraints of the yard would only allow me to throw a football about 20 yards before it’s in the neighbor’s yard. That could get me into the pros, though. Brad Johnson, former NFL quarterback with the Vikings and Buccaneers, could only throw a ball about 20 yards, and he won a Super Bowl with the Bucs.

No. 3: Plant some crops and live off the land. There’s about 6,000 square feet back there that could be used for corn, beans, squash and other foods. After we’re able to harvest it in the fall, I’m thinking the food would be enough for my wife and me for maybe a month, tops.

That sure would cut the grocery bill down — I’m referring to the cessation of eating after we run out of homegrown food and starve to death.

Actually, after going over these options, none of them seem real great. Maybe I’ll just stick with trying to get grass to grow.

If you see me in our backyard, say hello. I’ll be the guy out there throwing seed around and swearing as it refuses to grow in the right spots.

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