A little goes a long way

Driving down Grand Avenue this spring is a completely new and wonderful experience! If you haven’t driven it lately, I encourage you to come over this way and see the beautiful banners the North Branch Beautification Association recently had placed to honor the school district.

I can promise you will feel the “Viking Pride,” as will visiting sports teams, families looking for a community, our own students, and many others. I would never have guessed the banners would have such an impact on the school lane.

The school lane banners were a project conceived and executed by the NBBA, which was formed by President Christine Larson and Vice-President Laura Scaramell in 2012. This mother and daughter team started with an idea and some elbow grease and have made a huge impact on the community in a short time.

The banners along Main Street have been adding color and pride to downtown for a couple of years now, but I would argue the school lane banners go an extra step. They tie the schools to the downtown area and change the entire feeling you get when you drive down Grand Avenue.

The NBBA partnered with the schools for this project, and in case you were unaware the banners were designed by students. Early Childhood students worked as a group and were aided by Charley Klopp. Chloe Peterson – fourth grade, Eli Dupslaff – eighth grade, and Jorden Mathison – 11th grade, each designed a poster and did an incredible job!

Thank you to the entire board of the NBBA, its volunteers, and its donors for the positive changes they have made in North Branch and our humble corner of it. Also, thank you to city staff, who hung the banners for us.

My chest swells with pride every time I drive down Grand Avenue, and that is often!

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