Full agenda for Stacy Council

The Stacy City Council met June 10 and considered for the third time how to bill combined water rates in cases where a residential property has both an indoor meter and an outdoor irrigation meter. The council also settled an issue that City Account Clerk Lynda Schmidt had brought to the table.

“The city account clerk was misinformed,” Mayor Mark Utecht said regarding taxes on irrigation. “Sales tax is not collected on residential irrigation meters.”

With the final reading in, the council approved an ordinance that addresses water rates.

The meeting also covered other city business.

Foxtail Woods

The council continued to work on a development agreement for Foxtail Woods 5th Edition. A plat and request for a conditional use permit were submitted to the city by the developer, and a draft resolution approving these was written. City Engineer Mark Statz asked for the letter of credit for the project.

“It’s a good, well-planned development,” Statz commented, looking at the plat maps.

The council discussed roadblock: The council was uncertain of the feasibility of allowing a narrower road and over a proposed easement. Specific concerns addressed the difficulty the city would encounter in snow plowing this cul-de-sac and the fire department’s ability to access the development. Several residents had also expressed concerns at public hearing on May 20.

City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer asked for cost estimates on the improvements. Utecht asked for guarantees on the proposal.

“I want to see something in writing regarding this trail before we approve it,” he said gesturing at the plat map.

Dollar General 

Dollar General had also come up as a Planning Commission subject May 20. Statz had been summoned to study the drainage issues at the business site and storm water problems.

Statz described the site as “small” and the pond as “large.” His assessment is there would be very little water that the pond will have to handle.

He had also studied the parking surface. Parking lot surfaces must to be “pervious,” Statz said. The council discussed the merits of bituminous, concrete and paver surfaces. Utecht described a business in Forest Lake where pervious pavers were used for the parking lot surface.

The mayor asked Statz if this would be a less expensive option and if it would suit Dollar General’s needs. The city engineer didn’t think one option was less expensive than another. His concern for the council is a possible maintenance issue, and he advised to check the city’s wellhead protection plan. Statz pointed out that a single car leaking oil in a pervious material parking lot would cause a watershed issue.

He suggested asking Dollar General to consider improving the ditch along Gable Ave., where there is plenty of room, going south from 311th Street. Statz confirmed there is no storm sewer on this stretch of road where water begins to drain into the Carlos Avery Wildlife area. A drainage issue would begin at Stacy Trail.

Dollar General also asked to install fencing. Utecht wasn’t affable to the idea.

“Ratty shrubs are always a whole lot better than a ratty fence,” he said. With a number of requests now penciled in, Utecht asked Statz, “Are we going to hold them up if we don’t act on this before our July meeting?”

Statz said yes. Because the council has made a concerted effort to not impede progress, Utecht made a motion to approve the development plan and the motion carried unanimously.

Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip is making a prolonged entrance into the city of Stacy.

The council had agreed to a new water main with plans to split the cost of the improvement, as the city would then assume responsibility for the line. The existing water main was located with great difficulty, and Statz advised it was found to be thin-walled PVC.

Statz expressed his concern that the wall is too thin. Kwik Trip does not want to pay to replace the wall. A-1 Tire is situated in between. The council agreed A-1 Tire has no use for added water capacity, and only Kwik Trip will benefit.

Councilmember Jim Ness made a motion to allow Kwik Trip to replace the line, at their expense, reasoning the city has already paid $18,000 toward the project.

“(This is) more than we have put into any other project, so now we’re going to put in over $20,000? No, this is something Kwik Trip can put in if they’re concerned,” Ness said.

The council agreed this was fair. Kwik Trip would replace the pipe, but if anything happens, the city is responsible. Utecht added that if Kwik Trip replaces the pipe now, they could do so to their specifications. The motion to approve the request failed.

Stacy Sports bar parking

The city engineer is exploring the feasibility of widening the frontage road adjacent to the Stacy Sports bar and Grill to accommodate angled parking. Ness said that since such a project will benefit the business, residents along the frontage road should not be asked to pay for it.

Utecht requested a meeting with bar and grill manager Lori Dahle to discuss the potential project. Statz was authorized to explore the feasibility of widening the frontage road for angled parking.

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